Honeymoon Ideas in Southeast Asia

Apart from the wedding, the honeymoon is also one of the things a couple has to seriously plan for. It is the first getaway, so it is something special and is a period that you will remember for all time. You can choose among hundreds of really great locations for a honeymoon. The choice will depend on your budget mostly and of course on the way you’d like to spend this one of a kind holiday. For couples who would like a different kind of honeymoon—-something memorable with a lot of possibilities, here are some suggestions for you.

Splurge: Koh Samui in Thailand

koh samui luxury villasUpscale lifestyle, posh restaurants, fancy resorts, and white sand beaches—-if these sound like your thing, then villas koh samui is recommended for you. This lovely island is one of the country’s best destinations and is perfect for a honeymoon because it is so romantic. Here you can do a lot of things together. Try these.

1. Stay at a fabulous honeymoon nest.

While there are plenty of 5 star hotels and best resorts in Samui, your honeymoon will be better spent when you stay in one of the luxury Koh Samui villa rentals. The island is famous for its dreamy holiday homes. You can pick one set right at the beach or if you want more seclusion, you can check out Koh Samui villas set on top of a hill. The great thing about renting a villa is that you have more privacy and you get the kind of service you’ll most likely get in any of the best local hotels and resorts. In addition, almost all the villas on the island boast a private pool so that’s a plus.

If you’re thinking that your security may be compromised by opting for Samui holiday rentals, don’t. Luxury koh samui beach villas for rent usually are located in a peaceful neighborhood, have a gated entrance, and are equipped with CCTV cameras.

In addition, most of villas koh samui have in-house staff that will cater to your needs. A number of them have a chef as well.

2. Have candlelight dinner by the beach.

In Samui, this isn’t cheesy. When you see just how romantic the local beaches area, you would want to have dinner at the beach every day.

3. Visit the snake farm.

For the adventurous couple, a great idea is to check out the local wild life. The experience may be icky for some but if you want to try something new together, this is a good idea.

4. Visit the spa together.

detox spaPlanning for a wedding can take out a lot of your energy. Not to mention, it can tremendously increase your stress levels. If you feel particularly exhausted, a good way to do on your honeymoon is to visit Orion detox retreat in Koh Samui.

In Koh Samui, you have a wide selection of dining places so you won’t likely run out of restaurants to eat. While there are plenty of restaurants that feature international favorites, don’t forget to try some local dishes. You will be amazed just how many Thai dishes you can actually enjoy.

Going on a detox retreats Thailand is mighty popular among the health buffs. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to have an illness to benefit from Thailand detox retreat. The thing is that going on a spa together can improve the quality of your honeymoon as it is good for the circulation and makes one feel soothed and relaxed.

Save: Mui Ne in Vietnam

mui ne vietnamEveryone knows that a honeymoon, just like any holiday, can eat a portion of your savings. For couples who want to have a budget-friendly honeymoon, the key is to choose a cheap destination—cheap meaning affordable hotels, reasonably priced food, and wallet friendly attractions. Not cheap in terms of the quality of experience it provides. Mui Ne Vietnam is a good choice for those who want to save on their honeymoon.

Mui Ne is a beach town and is perfect for couples who are looking for a laidback place where they can enjoy the sun and the sand. You can easily find a satisfactory Mui Ne accommodation as there are really nice and charming Mui Ne hotels and Mui Ne resorts just around the corner.

While here, you can do the following to make your honeymoon more memorable.

1. Head to the beach.

Any honeymoon can be more romantic once a beach enters the picture. There is something very relaxing about being in the water and being able to bask in the sunny weather of Vietnam. For beach lovers, you can visit the Mui Ne beach and watch the sunset there. You may also want to try some of the local water sports that tourists never seem to get tired of. You can try surfing, kayak, and kiteboarding to name a few.

2. Check out Phat Hamburgers.

Of course the local dishes are appealing but if you are craving for some comfort food, you can stop by Phat Hamburgers. Their burgers and selection of snacks are really good. This place is for the ultimate snacker.

3. Spend some time playing mini golf.

The Tropical Mini Golf Mui Ne is a favorite hangout of both locals and tourists alike. This is the place to head to if you are not in the mood for sightseeing.

4. Go to Nina Spa.

If aching muscles are bothering you and you are craving for some touch therapy, you can visit this place. A typical Mui Ne resort often offers spa services. If your resort does not, then just stop by here. Get a backrub, a facial, and a soothing herbal bath.

5. Sail.

Rent a catamaran and explore the waters of Mui Ne. You will love the experience for sure. The sunny weather is a great excuse to be out in the water so grab it while you can.

These Vietnam beach resorts will add some sugar and spice to your first holiday as a couple. Whether you’d like to splurge or to save, these ideas can help you.